Yorkshire Diamonds v Southern Vipers, 26th Match, Women's Cricket Super League

Women's Cricket Super League , August 25, 2019
Yorkshire Diamonds
185/6 (20)
Southern Vipers
184/4 (20)
Diamonds won by 4 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)
Southern Vipers inningVP inn.184/4 (20 ov)
Suzie Batesc L Winfield b AN Davidson-Richards473960120.51
c L Winfield b AN Davidson-Richards
Danielle Wyattc AN Davidson-Richards b LM Kasperek422072210.00
c AN Davidson-Richards b LM Kasperek
Tammy Beaumont (WK/C)c HJ Armitage b AN Davidson-Richards332940113.79
c HJ Armitage b AN Davidson-Richards
Maia BouchierNot out231321176.92
Not out
Thea Brookesc JI Rodrigues b AN Davidson-Richards7710100.00
c JI Rodrigues b AN Davidson-Richards
Amanda-Jade WellingtonNot out241231200.00
Not out
Extra8 (b 1, w 5, nb 0, lb 2)
Total184/4 (20)
Katie Levick4041010.25
Beth Langston4042010.50
Linsey Smith4045011.25
Leigh Kasperek403218.00
Alice Davidson-Richards402135.25
Fall of wickets: 1-49 (DN Wyatt - 4.5 ov), 2-125 (TT Beaumont - 14.2 ov), 3-127 (SW Bates - 14.5 ov), 4-141 (TF Brookes - 16.4 ov)
Yorkshire Diamonds inningYD inn.185/6 (20 ov)
Lauren Winfield (C)c SW Bates b NE Farrant02000.00
c SW Bates b NE Farrant
Alyssa Healy (WK)c FMK Morris b NE Farrant221640137.50
c FMK Morris b NE Farrant
Jemimah RodriguesNot out11258171193.10
Not out
Hollie Armitagelbw b A Wellington23272085.18
lbw b A Wellington
Bess Heathc SW Bates b A Wellington02000.00
c SW Bates b A Wellington
Alice Davidson-Richardsc TT Beaumont b FMK Morris02000.00
c TT Beaumont b FMK Morris
Leigh Kasperekc FMK Morris b LK Bell12131092.30
c FMK Morris b LK Bell
Linsey SmithNot out2200100.00
Not out
Extra14 (b 10, w 2, nb 2, lb 0)
Total185/6 (20)
Tash Farrant402726.75
Lauren Bell403318.25
Danielle Wyatt2022011.00
Amanda-Jade Wellington403127.75
Suzie Bates2025012.50
Fi Morris302618.66
Charlotte Dean1011011.00
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (L Winfield - 0.2 ov), 2-28 (AJ Healy - 3.3 ov), 3-118 (HJ Armitage - 12.3 ov), 4-118 (BAM Heath - 12.5 ov), 5-121 (AN Davidson-Richards - 13.4 ov), 6-170 (LM Kasperek - 18.2 ov)
Man of the Match
Match Details
2019-08-25 13:30 PM
York Cricket Club, York
Yorkshire Diamonds won the toss & elected to field
  • Hassan Adnan
  • James Middlebrook
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    Match Referee